July 7, 2021

Back-to-Work Tools for Illness Prevention: Lotus Biosecurity and Trace Innovations Team Up to Offer Safe and Sustainable Reopening Strategies

Back-to-Work Tools for Illness Prevention: Lotus Biosecurity and Trace Innovations Team Up to Offer Safe and Sustainable Reopening Strategies

New York, NY (June 29, 2021) - Lotus Biosecurity, an all-in-one biosecurity firm created to help businesses reopen and stay open during and post the COVID-19 pandemic, announced today that they are adding Trace Innovations’ contact tracing platform to their portfolio of recommended services. Trace Innovations is an app-based illness prevention solution that enables schools and businesses to identify close contacts with speed and precision, helping to keep employees safe and prevent disease-related business disruption.

“A truly safe and sustainable reopening has to incorporate a range of new protocols and tools, including a combination of high quality ventilation, increased scrutiny on sanitization and some method for contact tracing,” said Joe Heaney, President of Lotus Biosecurity.   “As vaccinations continue to increase, simple and centralized contact tracing - like the app designed by Trace Innovations - can help boost employee peace of mind, decrease the odds for a major outbreak in an office, and help companies stay productive.”

Lotus Biosecurity was first founded in July 2020 by Joe Heaney.  Over the last year, he and his team of medical, epidemiological, mechanical, and engineering experts have worked to assess individual business spaces throughout the New York City area and implement multi-pronged biosecurity plans.  Lotus uses evidence-based best practices to mitigate the threat of a COVID-19 infection or outbreak. Heaney is a trained mechanical engineer, with experience designing and building out high-rise residential buildings, hospitality centers, healthcare facilities, and commercial office spaces, and has been outspoken about the role that high quality HVAC systems and filters, as well as UVC cleaning devices, can play in protecting staff and customers from COVID-19. 

“We know contact tracing works to minimize the spread of illness, but traditional methods lack the speed or reliable information necessary to prevent an outbreak. Our app and platform allows companies to centralize the information about positive cases and immediately identify potentially exposed employees, without actually ‘tracking’ their whereabouts,” said Graham W. Grieve, Co-Founder of Trace. “Even beyond COVID-19 - this type of technology can help decrease infections and keep teams healthy while ensuring business and staffing continuity in the face of any contagion.”

Trace Innovations uses bluetooth technology to record an individual’s proximity to other people. When a positive diagnosis is reported, a company’s health and safety designee can easily and immediately identify potentially at-risk employees. Management then has control over how to contact those individuals, what message to send, and how that person may satisfy company protocols around returning to work with a clean bill of health. Trace is also building out a mechanism for tagging vaccinated individuals, adding an additional layer of information for the mixed-immunity workplace. 

About Lotus Biosecurity:

Lotus Biosecurity combines in-house medical experts and a world-class roster of HVAC and MEP service providers to offer customized, evidence-based, end-to-end solutions that allow restaurants and small business to reopen, stay open, and thrive through enhanced anti-viral safety measures for staff and patrons.  For more information visit lotussafetysolutions.com

About Trace Innovations

Trace uses state-of-the-art BLE technology to protect the modern workplace from modern bio-threats. The Trace platform enables schools and businesses to ensure a healthy workplace, mitigate disease risk, and prevent business interruption. To learn more about the company, the technology, and how they can help your business, visit traceinnovations.com.