July 7, 2020

Four steps to safely reopen your business.

Assessment (1 week)

Review relevant existing building documentation:

As-built drawings

Shop drawings, Submittals and TAB Reports

Design Drawings, Basis of Design and Reports

Control Sequences and BMS Screenshots

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Perform an initial site survey of your building or office and interview with the building personnel.

Analysis (1 week)

Present a detailed report where we will identify health and safety vulnerabilities (focusing on COVID exposure and transmission).

Categorize health and safety vulnerabilities under these (3) modes of transmissions:

Direct contact

Airborne spray

Fomite exposure

Prioritize Facility Improvement Measures (FIM)

Indoor Air Quality (Filtration, RESET certification, WELL certification…)

Touchless equipment (flush valves, faucets, door openers, IoT devices…)

Building systems operations sequences (Outside air, emergency procedures…)

Review Impact on energy usage.

Establish FIM Implementation Timeline.

Recommend products and solutions specifically tailored to your organization.

Procurement and Implementation (2 weeks)

Most solutions and products are readily available and we can start making your building healthier and safer and make your occupants safer immediately.

Maintenance (Life)

Maintain and service products throughout their lifetime.

Call  today to schedule your safe reopening assessment: 516-673-1254.