October 5, 2020

Introducing Lotus Biosecurity

To better align with our company's vision and the needs of the New York City business community, Lotus Safety Solutions has changed its name to Lotus Biosecurity. Our business came into existence to help businesses and properties deal  with fragmented, inconsistent, and often incoherent compliance burdens  and regulations caused by COVID-19. We chose Lotus Safety Solutions as  our original name to highlight our position as a one-stop medical and  engineering solutions provider for businesses and properties in the  greater New York City region.

Our  business has grown rapidly since launch. As we've worked with owners  and managers, trained staffs and employees, and implemented solutions  across the city, it's become more and more clear that the pandemic is  not a unique event, but a shift in the entire business paradigm.

There  will never be a time in our future when businesses can ignore the  threats that infection poses to lives and livelihoods. There is also  emerging scientific evidence that safe, healthy buildings offer  measurable benefits with regard to worker productivity, consumer  behavior, and occupant happiness.

For  all of these reasons, we decided that, while "safety solutions" are  part of what we will continue to offer, our higher purpose is to provide  our clients trustworthy, evidence-based leadership in this new era of  heightened medical, biological, and epidemiological threats.

Lotus Biosecurity exists to protect the life of this new economy, during and beyond our current challenges.