July 26, 2021

Lotus Biosecurity partners with Wello, manufacturer of the only FDA-cleared automated, non-contact, clinical thermometer station.

Lotus Biosecurity is pleased to announce a partnership with Wello, Inc. to offer our clients an ability to protect their employees, customers, and patients, with the only automated, FDA-cleared no-touch clinical thermometer. Wello’s rapid, non-intrusive facial scan catches even subtle temperature elevations that could indicate infection. Having a touchless temperature screening kiosk as a preventative biosecurity measure identifies potential infections and alerts your staff when someone scans above the temperature threshold. When an acceptable temperature is read, employees and visitors enter the building wearing a printed Wello badge, indicating they are not bringing a fever into the facility.

Their mission, like ours, is to stop the spread of infection in any way possible. The knowledge gained by usage of the thermometer gives key stakeholders peace of mind and protects them from today’s threats.

Wello is dedicated to keeping people safe and productive by lowering the risk of illness spreading in the workplace.

Rik Heller, Chairman and CEO of Wello said “Detection is deterrence. By proactively detecting people with elevated body temperatures in a completely self-service fashion, we can help stop the spread of infection and keep employees safe. No other method is more effective.”

Joseph Heaney, President of Lotus Biosecurity: “I am delighted with the opportunity to partner with a company who not only shares the same vision as we do, but has a product clinically proven to be accurate in doing so. This partnership furthers our commitment to businesses that we are well equipped to tackle the challenges of mitigating virus transmission in the workplace.”


Set up a site survey with Lotus Biosecurity today to discover if Wello is the right product for your organization by emailing us at info@lotusbiosecurity.com or by phone at 516-673-1254.


For more information on the science behind this breakthrough technology and product, we encourage you to visit Wello at https://welloinc.com/