November 6, 2020

Lotus Biosecurity partners with R-Zero to offer their hospital-grade UV-C disinfection system, Arc.

Lotus Biosecurity is thrilled to announce a partnership with R-Zero to offer our clients the ability to protect employees, customers, and patients, with hospital-grade disinfection. R-Zero’s flagship product, Arc, is the first hospital-grade UV-C disinfection designed for the dynamic environments of every organization. For the first time, the same infection prevention technology hospitals have long relied on to prevent the spread of pathogens, is accessible to every business and organization.

Arc is engineered to deliver the best performance on the market. That means shorter cycles, higher efficacy, and safer spaces than competitors. Results from recent (CDC and EPA recognized) independent lab tests prove Arc's hospital-grade efficacy - successfully destroying over 99.99% of pathogens (including human coronavirus, norovirus, MRSA and E. coli) in a 1,000 sq ft space, just 7 minutes. BLE, LTE-M and GPS connectivity shares usage data in real time, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly when and where disinfection activities are happening – and that your space is as safe as possible for employees and customers.

Their mission, like ours, is to build a safer work environment by preventing the spread of pathogens – Today and forever.

R-Zero is committed to developing scientifically proven solutions that are easy to implement and easy to afford, helping businesses everywhere reopen and stay open.

CO-Founder Eli Harris of R-Zero said, “Businesses need solutions that enable them to reopen doors and keep them open safely. But in order for businesses to reopen successfully, people need to feel safe coming back to work. In partnership with Lotus, we look forward to helping even more organizations create safer spaces, ultimately increasing consumer and employee trust.”

“Lotus and R-Zero are a great fit together.” Joseph Heaney, President of Lotus Biosecurity, said. “We share the same mission to educate businesses on necessary biosecurity measures that mitigate the risk of transmission of viruses. Their Arc product is a critical addition to our menu of services, that will allow us to further help businesses to re-open, stay open, and thrive in the face of any present and future infection threats.”

Set up a site survey with Lotus Biosecurity today to discover if Arc is the right product for your organization by emailing us at or by phone at 516-673-1254.

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