July 27, 2020

Lotus Safety Solutions partners with SteriLux Systems and their UVC light disinfection system.

Lotus Safety Solutions is thrilled to announce a partnership with SteriLux Systems to offer our clients an ability to protect their employees and customers with a rapid and powerful UVC garment disinfection system.  The UVC disinfection space has seen significant growth in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but SteriLux Systems, which was founded in 2017, has emerged as a clear leader with its rapid and smart garment disinfection device that we are excited to offer our clients.

SteriLux Systems is dedicated to reducing the transmission of pathogens through garments, shoes, and personal items. Their patent pending SteriLocker uses UVC light, which is a leading technology in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. UVC has been scientifically proven to destroy viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores.  The SteriLocker is also a smart device that interacts with a mobile application to promote a healthy workflow, ensure compliance, and collect important usage data.

Their mission, like ours, is to build a safer work environment by preventing the spread of pathogens.

“Lotus Safety Solutions and SteriLux Systems are a natural fit” says SteriLux Systems Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jonathan Preminger. He continued “when we learned that there was a company dedicated to making organizations safer and to protect their employees and customers, we knew they were a company that we would be eager and proud to work with.”

CEO Michael Lane said, “An opportunity to take our initially healthcare focused product and broaden its reach to help the world get back to a new, COVID-19 normal, is certainly an exciting one for SteriLux Systems. Together, we will increase employee and consumer confidence in the safety of the workplace and public areas.”

“We aim to give our clients a full package solution for their organization,” said Lotus Safety Solutions President, Joe Heaney. “Therefore, the partnership with SteriLux Systems was a no-brainer for us, as we see the potential applications for their product across the many vertical markets that we serve.”

Set up a site survey with Lotus Safety Solutions today to discover if the SteriLocker is the right product for your organization by emailing us at info@lotussafetysolutions.com or by phone at 516-673-1254.

For more information on the science behind this breakthrough technology and product, we encourage you to visit the SteriLux Systems website at www.steriluxsystems.com.