Protect the life of your business.

From planning to implementation to certification, Lotus Biosecurity provides complete, evidence-based solutions to help you safely operate your business during and beyond the pandemic.

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A seamless, step-by-step biosecurity process that works.

The Lotus Biosecurity solution begins by conducting a meticulous analysis of your facility. Our medical team identifies gaps in your current protocols and develops a customized implementation proposal for your exact use case. We explain the science and reasoning behind every recommendation, then coordinate the installation and implementation of every point of protocol with our best-in-class integrated engineering partners. Finally, we help you communicate with your staff and customers in order to generate clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

Step 1
Review & Assessment

No two facilities are exactly the same, and the same holds true for biosecurity solutions. That's why before Lotus makes any recommendations for implementation, our experts develop a direct understanding of the exact status of your space, including any current infection mitigation efforts you've undertaken. By starting with clarity and detail, we're able to guide you to a biosecurity solution that fits your exact use case.

Review Existing Building Docs

We check everything from shop and as-built drawings to control sequences and maintenance manuals.

Perform Initial Site Survey

We verify operational status of all HVAC/MEP systems and identify potential hazards and gaps.

Interview Facility Managers

We talk face-to-face with the managers and staff that know the building and its systems best.

Step 2
Analysis & Recommendation

After assembling the data gathered from the Review & Assessment, we analyze the findings and organize recommendations according to the four categories of Biosecurity Services. The expertise of our in-house team spans epidemiological, architectural, and engineering aspects, each of which plays a critical role in the battle against infection. With this end-to-end, cross-disciplinary scope, we're able to recommend a gapless solution that you can trust and understand.

Detailed ReportING

You'll receive a full report of findings and vulnerabilities, with a focus on COVID transmission and exposure.

Facility Improvement Measures

We prioritize FIM to improve indoor air quality and reduce touch-based transmission.

Review Energy Usage Impact

We'll discuss changes you can expect in your energy usage that attend FIM measures.

Step 3
Procurement & Implementation

A biosecurity solution recommendation is only as effective as its implementation. Upon approval of the Analysis & Recommendation, Lotus can immediately schedule and begin with installation of upgrades to your HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing systems. Throughout the entire process, Lotus remains your primary contact and single source of truth.

Immediate Installation

For available solutions and products, installation and implementation can begin immediately.

Aggressive Scheduling

We order and schedule remaining implementations and installations as soon as possible.

Clear Communication

Your Lotus expert will keep you in-the-know regarding timelines and milestones.

Step 4
Certification & Maintenance

Lotus Biosecurity Certifications help you communicate and advertise the efforts you've undertaken protect your staff, customers, or tenants. Scheduled biosecurity reviews and maintenance contracts ensure that you're as prepared as possible to engage in the ongoing battle against infection transmission.

Contract or Retainer

Create a custom review and maintenance schedule that makes sense for your business.

Solution Implementation Review

We make sure all biosecurity implementations are performing as intended.

Proactive Guidance

We'll let you know about emerging scientific data and updated biosecurity best practices.