Protect the life of your business.

From planning to implementation to certification, Lotus Biosecurity provides  complete, evidence-based solutions to help you safely operate your business during and beyond the pandemic.

A seamless, step-by-step biosecurity process that works.

The Lotus Biosecurity solution begins by conducting a meticulous analysis of your facility. Our medical team identifies gaps in your current protocols and develops a customized implementation proposal for your exact use case. We explain the science and reasoning behind every recommendation, then coordinate the installation and implementation of every point of protocol with our best-in-class integrated engineering partners. Finally, we help you communicate with your staff and residents in order to generate clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

Schedule a Biosecurity Assessment

Step 1


1 Week

  • Review existing building documentation.
  • As-built drawings
  • Shop drawings, Submittals and TAB Reports
  • Design Drawings, Basis of Design and Reports
  • Control Sequences and BMS Screenshots
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Review existing building documentation.
  • Perform initial site survey.
  • Interview facility managers and personnel.

Step 2


1 Week

  • Present detailed report identifying health and safety vulnerabilities.
  • Explicit attention to COVID exposure and transmission
  • Categorize health and safety vulnerabilities by mode of transmission:
  • Direct contact
  • Airborne spray
  • Fomite exposure
  • Prioritize Facility Improvement Measures (FIM):
  • Indoor Air Quality (e.g. filtration, RESET certification, WELL certification
  • Touchless equipment (e.g. flush valves, faucet, door openers, IoT devices)
  • Building systems operations sequences (e.g. outside air and emergency procedure)
  • Review energy usage impact.
  • Establish FIM Implementation Timeline.
  • Recommend products and solutions specific to your facility and use case.

Step 3

Procurement & Implementation

2 Weeks

  • Implement available solutions and products immediately.
  • Order remaining products and solutions.
  • Update and communicate timeline for full implementation.

Step 4

Biosecurity Maintenance


  • Contract or retainer.
  • Ongoing product maintenance.
  • Regular solutions implementation review.
  • Regular biosecurity assessments.
  • Proactive guidance based on emerging scientific data and consensus.