Biosecurity services that make sense for you.

Lotus offers a gapless, end-to-end suite of biosecurity services so you can concentrate on clients, customers, guests, and tenants.

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Assessment to implementation to certification, all in one place.

Unlike consultants or single-focus service providers, Lotus conducts a comprehensive analysis of your business environment or managed property, provides a detailed implementation protocol, and manages the installation and engineering projects for you. Our biosecurity services are organized into four interoperative categories that provide a hierarchy of infection control measures to effect a safe, healthy environment.

Preventative Biosecurity Measures
Keep infection out of your facility.

The front line of the battle against infection is the front door of your business. Identifying, rejecting, or destroying infections before they penetrate the interior of your environment is the first and often the most effective method of keeping your staff, customers, and tenants safe.


Specific questions can help identify individuals at high-risk of transmitting infection.


Ultraviolet lockers and footwear stations help sanitize clothes, outerwear, and shoe soles.


Fever can be a symptom of COVID-19 and indicate a serious infection risk.


Consistent distribution of information sets clear expectations for behavior.

Passive Disinfection Measures
Control indoor air quality and limit surface contacts.

Because COVID-19 and many other pathogens are airborne, controlling indoor air quality (IAQ) in your environment is critical to the success of your infection mitigation efforts. Because airborne particles eventually land on surfaces, it's likewise critical to limit hand-to-surface contact on items like door handles and plumbing fixtures to the greatest extent possible.

Increased Ventilation

Open windows and adequate air exchange systems mitigate the risk of airborne pathogen transmission.

Touchless Handles & Fixtures

Reduce hand-to-surface contact with touchless handles and automatic doors.

Enhanced Filtration

Hypoallergenic filters and increased replacement rate helps clean and improve indoor air quality.

Antimicrobial Coatings

When touchless isn't an option, antimicrobial wraps and coverings can help sanitize surfaces.

Active Disinfection Measures
Clean your space thoroughly with approved methods.

Preventative and passive measures, no matter how carefully implemented, will never be completely effective at eliminating infection threats from your environment. That's why active cleaning and disinfection methods should be rigorously, consistently implemented in your environment.

Manual Cleaning

FDA-approved disinfecting chemicals and diligent cleaning are essential risk mitigation methods.

Robotic Cleaning

Automated vacuums can operate constantly to remove dust and potential pathogens from your space.

UV-C Light Application

We've partnered with R-Zero to offer the best germicidal illumination solution available today.

Biosecurity Certification
Certification and maintenance to
keep your biosecurity up to date.

It's important to communicate that you're making verifiable efforts to create a safe environment with minimal risk of infection. Your Biosecurity Certification brings peace-of-mind to everyone that lives or works in your building. Certification Tiers expire every three months, ensuring that your infection control methods align with current statutory guidance and best practices according to scientific consensus.

Silver Biosecurity Certification

Indicates that key recommended Preventative and Passive measures have been implemented.

Gold Biosecurity Certification

Indicates that all recommended Preventative and Passive measures have been implemented.

Platinum Biosecurity Certification

Indicates that all recommended biosecurity measures have been implemented and maintained for one (1) year.

Maintenance and recertification

Ensures that your biosecurity solution stays current with regulations and emerging scientific consensus.